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IMC-HSG research helps firm overcome protectionism


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Behavioral Branding Research

An article by Theo Lieven published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology” talks about the connection between employee personality and brand strength.

Contact quality: parameter for advertising effectiveness

What is the impact of motion picture communication? Does advertising effectiveness research need to be reoriented?

IMC-HSG research helps firm overcome protectionism

To overcome protectionism, firms need not to hide their origin but should actively use tailored marketing programs.

Data Privacy and Data Management in Marketing

What role does customer data privacy play in marketing? Prof. Marcus Schögel discussed this important question at the GfM Platinum Event.

What’s next for 2022?

Prof. Marcus Schögel asks which topics will have a significant influence on the company’s own marketing and corporate management in the coming years.

Successfully Implement Price Increases for Industrial Goods

Price increases for existing services are among the most delicate measures in marketing and sales. How do you manage to get them accepted anyway?

Barcode / MRSG-Thema Pricing Capturing Value
Pricing – Capturing Value

Read the editorial of issue 1 | 2022 of the Marketing Review St.Gallen with the topic “Pricing – Capturing Value”.

Leuchtendes Art
Prices at international art auctions: Great art or marketing?

Banksy, Da Vinci and Beeple: Are record prices at international art auctions a mirror of artistic genius or the result of marketing?

Direct-to-Consumer Spielfiguren
Direct-to-Consumer Strategien

Read the editorial of issue 6 | 2021 of Marketing Review St.Gallen with the topic “Direct-to-Consumer Strategies”.

Christian Belz Award for reality-oriented Marketing Management 2021

The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight and the Starrag Group presented the second “Christian Belz Award for Reality-Oriented Marketing Management” to Anna Selent at the Marketing Dialogue on 4 October.