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IMC-HSG research helps firm overcome protectionism


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Reader's Digest Study: Trusted Brands

The multiplication of communication channels through social media have increased the demands on brand managers. The nationwide 19th Reader’s Digest study “Trusted Brands” shows which brands have done the best and enjoy the highest level of trust among consumers (with some guiding thoughts by Sven Reinecke).

Horizon Interview: How the Master in Marketing Management was built

In the interview, Sven Reinecke tells us how the Master in Marketing Management (MiMM) was set up at the University of St.Gallen.

Interview Marketing & Kommunikation: Saving Money in Marketing

Radical cost cuts also do more harm than good in marketing. Sven Reinecke talks about this in an interview with the trade journal Marketing & Kommunikation.

Christian Belz in the NZZ: How to lead customers to buy

Marketing should encourage consumers to buy. This requires an understanding of the buying process. Neurobiology provides important insights into this, which have received far too little attention from marketing. Christian Belz and Marc Rutschmann explain the topic in the current issue of the NZZ.