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IMC-HSG research helps firm overcome protectionism


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Digital Activation in Sports Sponsorship: Is there Room for Digital in Sports?

Sport creates unique emotional moments. So why digitize when everything is going well? Meriton Ceka on digital activation in sponsorship.

Behavioral Branding Research

An article by Theo Lieven published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology” talks about the connection between employee personality and brand strength.

Contact quality: parameter for advertising effectiveness

What is the impact of motion picture communication? Does advertising effectiveness research need to be reoriented?

IMC-HSG research helps firm overcome protectionism

To overcome protectionism, firms need not to hide their origin but should actively use tailored marketing programs.

Leuchtendes Art
Prices at international art auctions: Great art or marketing?

Banksy, Da Vinci and Beeple: Are record prices at international art auctions a mirror of artistic genius or the result of marketing?

Christian Belz Award for reality-oriented Marketing Management 2021

The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight and the Starrag Group presented the second “Christian Belz Award for Reality-Oriented Marketing Management” to Anna Selent at the Marketing Dialogue on 4 October.

A Data-driven Approach to Improve the Digital Customer Journey for SMEs

Understanding the customer journey and continuously improving the customer experience are important success factors to be successful in online business. A case study from HAILO shows the impact of a data-driven approach.

Monitor: Direct-to-Consumer Strategies in Switzerland

Together with Promarca, we surveyed the status quo of direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies in Switzerland. Learn more about the results.

The Blockchain's Impact on Digital Marketing Plattforms

This article explores the impact of blockchain on the platform economy and whether there are relevant blockchain applications with product/market fit.

The Art of War and Sales

What can sales managers learn from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu? Find out in our article, published in the Marketing Review St.Gallen.