Data Privacy and Data Management in Marketing

“The protection of personal data is one of the most discussed and least conceptually implemented topics in marketing. It is obvious that companies and their customers will have to deal more with data collection, use and storage from the customer’s point of view in the coming years”.

This is how Prof. Dr. Schögel started his presentation on “Privacy as Strategy” last Monday (28.02.2022) at the GfM Platinum Event with the same name. Together with platinum members of the Society for Marketing (GfM) and guest speakers Patrick Warnking (Country Director Google Switzerland), Jérôme Egli (Head of Compliance & Privacy SWICA) and David Sturzenegger (Head of Product Decentriq), he discussed the role of marketing in the use and protection of customer data.

The consensus in the room: the compliance-oriented attitude towards data protection and data management will not be enough if marketers want to continue to rely on the trust of their customers in the future.

The event ended with the presentation of two publications on the topic of data protection and marketing – the current issue of MRSG and the latest issue of the GfM research series on the same topic. Both publications are freely available online.

We would like to thank the speakers and participants for their inputs and lively discussions!