Graduation Teilnehmende Weiterbildung

Executive Education for Individuals

Flexible marketing courses with a certificate of completion

An executive education course in marketing at the University of St.Gallen (HSG), one of Europe’s leading business universities, enables you to earn a recognized qualification (CAS – Certificate of Advanced Studies) and opens new doors for your professional future. The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC) follows a sales-focused approach to marketing, firmly rooted in reality. As part of our research, we continuously develop our teaching and learning content, adapting it to meet current and future challenges in the fields of marketing, communications, sales and purchasing. This allows us to ensure that our marketing, communications, sales and purchasing courses make a valuable contribution to your personal and professional development.

All our executive education courses feature a modular structure and are designed to fit around your professional commitments. As a result, you can tailor our marketing training courses to suit your personal and professional circumstances. We also offer a range of ways to extend your studies and transfer credits so that, if you wish, you can continue your learning journey at a later point in time.

CAS Strategic Procurement
Program type CAS
Start date 7 January 2025
Duration 18 days (6 modules each 3 days)
Location Weiterbildungzentrum Holzweid, St. Gallen
Program language German

You can also choose from a range of formats for each course and earn recognized certificates of completion:

  • Intensive Seminars: an intensive insight into a specific topic (3 to 5 days)
  • Intensive Studies: Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) with at least 12 ECTS credits (18 to 20 days)
  • Diploma Programs: Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) with at least 30 ECTS credits (2 CAS plus diploma thesis)

You will also benefit from our prestigious network of renowned experts from the worlds of research and practice and join our alumni community at the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight. “From insight to impact” is our motto, but it is also so much more – it is a promise, a yardstick we set for ourselves.

If you have any questions or would appreciate a personal consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Porträt Friederike Rieder

Personal Consultation

Friederike Rieder
Head of Executive Education