General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)

(A) GTC general
(B) GTC of the Marketing Review St.Gallen
(C) GTC Shop


(A) GTC (general)

Usage of our online documents is subject to copyright. We accept no guarantee for the accuracy of information provided, or how up to date it is.


Please read the following information. By accessing the Internet platform of the University of St.Gallen and its institutes (hereinafter referred to as the University) you declare that you have understood and acknowledged the legal information stated below.

In so far as parts of this text do not, or no longer comply with current jurisdiction, the rest of the document remains unaffected in terms of its content and validity.


All online documents, websites and parts thereof are protected by copyright and may only be copied and printed out for private, research and non-commercial usage.

Without prior, written authorisation by the University of St.Gallen, the documents and websites, as well as parts thereof, may not be duplicated, nor saved on other servers, fed into newsgroups or online services, or saved on a CD ROM or other data media. Such specification shall apply in particular to the University’s logo.

Interim saving in a cache, or on a proxy server to enhance access speed is permitted.

Quoting documents and websites by stating the correct source, as well as placing links on our website is explicitly permitted. “HSG”, “Assessment-Stufe”, “Kontextstudium” are registered trademarks of the University of St.Gallen in Switzerland and/or in other countries.


The University of St.Gallen accepts no liability whatsoever for the quality of the information provided, or such information being up to date, correct and complete. The University of St.Gallen reserves the express right to change the information at any time without any prior notice given.

Liability claims against the University of St.Gallen for damages of a tangible or intangible nature which arise from access, or usage, or non-usage of the information published, or abuse of the connection, or technical malfunctions, are excluded in so far as such exclusion is permitted by law.

The University of St.Gallen has not checked third-party websites that are merely linked to this Website via hyperlinks, i.e. which are not on its servers or within its sphere of influence, and accepts no responsibility for the content thereof, the products, services or other offers provided on such websites.

(B) GTC of the Marketing Review St.Gallen

Title Rights

Authors who publish in Marketing Review St. Gallen expressly acknowledge by submitting their contributions, including graphics and images, that Marketing Review St. Gallen holds the title rights to the published contributions and that Marketing Review St. Gallen is entitled to the exclusive use of the published contributions without any restrictions in terms of location or time. There shall be no entitlement to the publication of manuscripts sent to Marketing Review St. Gallen.

Scope of the transfer of rights

Authors who publish in Marketing Review St. Gallen grant Marketing Review St. Gallen a comprehensive right of use to all editorial content, unlimited in terms of space, time and content.

Print media rights

Marketing Review St. Gallen may use the work in whole or in part in physical form in Switzerland and abroad, in all print editions of Marketing Review St. Gallen and for print media of all kinds. The right of use shall include in particular the right of reproduction, the right of distribution, the right of rental, the right of lending and the right of archiving.

Right of edit, transform and translate

The work may be translated into other languages, edited (e.g. layout changes, final editing) and in particular also shortened.

Right to use for advertising purposes

Marketing Review St. Gallen is authorized to print the work for (its own) advertising purposes, to broadcast it on radio and television, to present it in online media and to reproduce it in any other way.

Right of electronic, digital use

Marketing Review St. Gallen may record the work in digital or non-digital form, combine it with other works and contributions in databases and store it on all known storage media. Furthermore, the work may be made usable in any form, also interactively by electronic means (ePaper, eBook, eJournal), reproduced on any data, image or sound carrier, for example CD-ROM, CD and DVD, and independently marketed or distributed. In particular, the use in online services (tele- and media services), internet, film, radio, video, in and from databases, telecommunication, mobile phone, broadband and data networks as well as for electronic press reviews is permitted, regardless of the technology used for the transfer to existing mobile or stationary end devices.

Database use

The work may be digitized and stored on all currently known storage media together with other materials, processed, provided with retrieval software, and stored on any data carriers. Furthermore, it is permitted to transfer the work to the computers of third parties by means of remote data transmission (download) and to permit printouts of paper copies by these end users. Marketing Review St. Gallen shall also be entitled to transfer the aforementioned rights of use to third parties and to authorize the third party to transfer these rights of use in turn, if necessary also with the proviso that third party rights of use may be granted again, etc.

After publication of the article in Marketing Review St. Gallen, the author shall be free to grant third-party exploitation rights as well.


(C) GTC Shop

The received goods can be returned without giving reasons within two weeks by sending them back. The period begins at the earliest with receipt of the goods and this notification. To meet the deadline, it is sufficient to send the goods or the return request in time. You are responsible for the direct costs of returning the goods, unless the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight offers you a different solution.

The return shipment must be made to:

Institut für Marketing und Customer Insight
Universität St.Gallen
Dufourstrasse 40a
CH-9000 St.Gallen