MedTech Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

What are the success factors for the commercialisation of artificial intelligence (AI) in health care? We discussed this question in an interactive webinar with Prof. Dr Peter M. Fischer and Alexander Stanke on 25 January 2023.

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Central findings

As part of our Custom Executive Programs, we recently hosted a free MedTech webinar on “Artificial Intelligence in Health Care” with Prof. des Dr. Peter M. Fischer and Alexander Stanke. On this page, we share the most important findings and provide further impulses.

We have summarized the most important insights for you here:

  • Developing an AI application in health care is a continuous process: the solution should constantly learn from the data it processes and improve based on consistent user experience tracking.
  • Applications are useful when they solve a problem and/or provide value to (at least) one of four different stakeholders: health care professionals, hospital management, patients, and health care customers.
  • Successful commercialization of AI solutions requires four ingredients: value-based positioning, integrated and hybrid business models, digitization of customer success processes, and an appreciative culture.
  • Health care is a people business. Don’t underestimate the (different) psychological reactions to technology and incorporate insights from behavioral science.
  • Because psychological reactions vary, segment-specific and integrated communication is necessary.
  • Solutions must be developed with ethics in mind. AI must be fair – and explainable and transparent.

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Further Impulses

“Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Exploring drivers, barriers, and future developments in marketing management.”
Journal article byGioia Volkmar, Peter M. Fischer und Sven Reinecke.

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Image: Robin Worrall (Unsplash)

“From a great healthcare technology to a great healthcare business.”

Shared views and experiences by Alexander Stanke and Bernhard Gilbey.

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Image: Alexander Stanke & Bernhard Gilbey


Your Challenges

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