Monitor: Marketing and Customer Contact in the Age of Corona

Analysis of the developments shows ways to be in customer contact in the current situation as a company

In the established format of the “Marketing & Sales” monitor of the Institute of Marketing at the University of St. Gallen at the chair of Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel, he and his team examined current developments from a marketing perspective:

The corona measures ordered worldwide are drastically changing customer behaviour. Significantly more time is being spent at home, which means that potential customers are pursuing other activities than before. This has a direct effect on purchasing behavior. Certain product categories have grown enormously, such as disposable gloves, bread machines and toilet paper. By contrast, sectors such as travel accessories or bathing products shrank massively. Many marketers are flying blind through this crisis. The LLED approach is intended to help them find their way through this crisis: Listen, Learn, Engage, Deliver. Best practices such as gin distilleries that produce disinfectants or Nike efforts show what this means in terms of implementation.

Marketers also deal with the time in the crisis, towards the end of the crisis up to the New Normal. To prepare for this, it is worth taking a look at past crises. Usually long-term consequences will shape society and the economy.

In the current monitor Marketing und Kundenkontakt im Corona Zeitalter companies and interested parties will find a comprehensive compilation of the manifold effects of Covid-19 on the retail sector as well as recommendations for action and approaches for a recovery strategy. For there are already conclusions that can be drawn from the situation and can stimulate future action.

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