Marketing & Sales Monitor: Scenarios for the Metaverse – By Executives for Executives

In the established format of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight of the University of St. Gallen at the chair of Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel, he and his team examined the metaverse in the "Marketing & Sales" monitor from the marketing perspective.

Since the metaverse is now on everyone’s lips and more and more companies are launching their first initiatives, this monitor is intended to provide guidance in this new environment. Based on desk research, expert interviews, the initiative in various corporate projects and on the basis of a workshop with executives in spring 2022, the findings were summarized.

The Marketing & Sales Monitor presents a concept of what the Metaverse can ultimately be. This is followed by various fields of action and practical examples. The benefits for executives and a possible approach to the topic by marketers are highlighted. Finally, eight application scenarios of the Metaverse are presented.

Due to the lack of best practices in this emerging field, the compiled information can be used to gain initial experience and approaches for own actions in the metaverse.

You can download the “Digital Marketing & Sales Monitor” here.

Porträt Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
Associate Professor