The Blockchain's Impact on Digital Marketing Plattforms

The platform economy is booming. However, platform business models are often based on powerful monopolies or oligopolies, leading stakeholders to look for more balanced ecosystems. As blockchain technology offers decentralized solutions, it appears attractive for replacing such platforms. However, many blockchain applicatons are still in an early stage. This paper scrutinizes how the blockchain affects the platform economy and whether relevant blockchain applications with product/market fit exist. The paper draws on a qualitative mixed-method approach followed by a case analysis to develop a basic framework for assessing the impact of blockchains on platform economies. The results are illustrated by means of a blockchain based platform with a proven product/market fit. Options of incumbent firms to draw on this new infrastructure are outlined… Click here to download the full article!

Prof. Dr. Alexander Hahn
Professor of Marketing, Nuremberg Institute of Technology
Timo Knackstedt
Project Management, Deutsche Telekom AG
Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner
Head of the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center