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Intensive Seminar Marketing Intelligence

Use market research and data analysis in marketing

Companies operate in a constantly changing environment. Marketing can only be successful if companies understand their context. To exploit opportunities and identify potential threats at an early stage, companies must continuously monitor their environment. Detailed information about trends, competitors, customer groups and their behavior also helps companies select their target markets, develop more successful services and align their marketing planning more closely with the relevant target groups.

The intensive seminar Marketing Intelligence focuses on relevant market information for executives and thus on management-oriented market research. Over the course of three days, participants learn how to define a management question to be answered utilizing market research. Furthermore, the different methods of data collection and scenario techniques will be discussed and applied to their organization.

Upon successful participation, you will receive a certificate from the University of St.Gallen which can be credited towards the CAS Marketing Management.

Benefit from the latest insights and developments in marketing, and professionalize your marketing management. The Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight offers a portfolio of intensive seminars as continuing education opportunities in marketing. The intensive seminars are creditable towards the 18-day course, which concludes with a Certificate of Advanced Studies, the HSG Intensive Studies CAS Marketing Management.



Graduation: Seminar Certificate
Program Language: German
Start date: 18 February 2025
Duration: 3 days
Location: Weiterbildungzentrum Holzweid, St. Gallen
Investment: CHF 3900
Porträt Friederike Rieder

Personal consultation

Friederike Rieder
Head of Executive Education

Course Goals

How do you succeed in achieving sustainable competitive advantages in dynamic markets? You will learn methods for systematically collecting and evaluating trends, competitor information, and the behavior of your target groups to align your marketing planning more closely with the target markets. Participation in the seminar will enable you to:

  • Systematically evaluate internal and external data sources
  • Gather customer and market information relevant for marketing planning
  • Identify relevant trends for your company’s development
  • Develop and manage empirical market research projects
  • Establish and test causal relationships.

Contents include: Qualitative and quantitative market research methods, environmental and industry analysis, competitor and customer analysis, international consumer behavior, trend identification, customer satisfaction surveys.


In the Marketing Intelligence seminar you will learn about and successfully use methods for collecting, analyzing, and applying market research data. In three seminar days, you will acquire the latest findings and developments in marketing intelligence.

The seminar “Marketing Intelligence” addresses experienced executives and high potentials from marketing and customer management of all industries. It is an executive program for specialists and managers who are passionate about their profession and would like to further expand their knowledge in the field of market research and data analysis through an additional qualification. An academic degree is not required.

The intensive seminar takes place from Tuesday to Thursday. Upon request, we will be happy to send you a module plan from the current cohort.

A transfer paper reinforces the implementation of your insights to your company. For this purpose, you will submit an individual learning transfer in written form after completing the module (approx. ten pages, grading will take place). Here you will apply the concepts and methods you have learned to challenges in your company, and you will receive individual feedback.

Extension option to CAS up to the diploma degree. You can count the intensive seminar Marketing Intelligence towards the CAS Marketing Management. Optionally, you can expand this with the CAS Sales Management or the CAS Communication and Management and a diploma thesis to the executive diploma DAS Sales Executive HSG or DAS Marketing Executive HSG with a total of 30 ECTS credits.

Admission is at the discretion of the head of studies. We will pay attention to your professional and educational background. An academic university or technical college degree is not required.

Since our intensive courses are often booked up early, we recommend that you contact the seminar management as soon as possible. A reservation is an ideal way to secure a place without obligation and make organizational arrangements in the meantime.

The total participation fee amounts to CHF 3900 for 3 study days, including learning transfer. All learning materials, books, lunch and refreshments during breaks are covered. Not included are the costs for arrival and departure, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events.

Next Steps

Porträt Friederike Rieder

Personal consultation

Friederike Rieder
Head of Executive Education

Executive Education at the IMC

Decisive for our success in executive education at the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC) at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) are the holistic view of problems, orientation towards the reality of the markets, relevance of the content, competent lecturers, intensive interaction with the participants and new approaches for an efficient transfer of learning into practice.

The courses are modular and offer different seminars that can be booked individually. The individual seminars attended can also be credited towards a certificate (CAS) or diploma (DAS) at a later date. You will receive an officially recognised certificate from the University of St.Gallen for all further education courses attended. Our lecturers are from the University of St.Gallen and other renowned international business schools as well as personalities with proven practical experience. The HSG is known worldwide for its pioneering research and unique practical orientation.

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