Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke Strategisches Marketing für Krankenhäuser

Intensive Seminar Strategic Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics

Differentiate your clinic or hospital through strategic marketing

In the dynamic and changing healthcare industry, healthcare executives face a variety of challenges. Continuing education is critical to successfully meet these challenges. Our intensive seminar provides you with exactly what you need to set your clinic or hospital apart from the competition through strategic marketing.

In this two-day seminar, we dive deep into the world of hospital marketing and provide you with practical strategies and tools to successfully position your healthcare organization. We understand government regulations and the tight constraints on differentiation via medical quality. That’s why we focus on creating a unique position in the minds of your target audiences by addressing relevant needs, developing customized benefit systems and achieving differentiating positioning.

Apply today and take advantage of the opportunity to deepen your hospital marketing knowledge and take your health care organization to the next level. Contact us for more information or to apply.



Graduation: Seminar Certificate
Program Language: German
Start date: 24 June 2024
Duration: 2 days
Location: Hotel Walhalla, St. Gallen
Investment: CHF 2750 (If you register until 31 March 2024 only CHF 2450)
Porträt Katja Söllner

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Katja Söllner

Course Goals

In the intensive seminar “Strategic Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics” we deal intensively with the current challenges for managers in the marketing of healthcare organizations. In doing so, we take into account the specific conditions and regulations in German-speaking countries. Our course objectives include:

  1. recognizing relevant needs: You will learn how to analyze and identify the needs of your target groups. Through an in-depth understanding of these needs, you will be able to develop customized services that provide added value to your customers.
  2. segmentation of customer groups: Targeted customer group analysis and segmentation will enable you to target your marketing activities more effectively. You will learn how to identify and address different customer segments to enable targeted communication.
  3. developing customized performance systems: We’ll show you how to develop differentiating service offerings that set your healthcare organization apart from the competition. You will learn how to individualize and personalize your services to achieve optimal customer satisfaction.
  4. uniquely differentiate from the competition: you will learn how to clearly differentiate your clinic or hospital from other facilities. We will show you how to develop and communicate a unique selling proposition that will make your organization stand out in the competitive landscape.
  5. basic principles of effective communication: Successful marketing communication is a crucial factor for the success of your hospital or clinic. You will learn the basic principles of effective communication and how to get your message across clearly and persuasively.
  6. Ensure sustainable stakeholder satisfaction: The satisfaction of your patients, employees and other stakeholders is of great importance for the long-term success of your hospital or clinic. We provide you with strategies and tools to ensure sustainable satisfaction among your stakeholders.

Our high-calibre speakers from the world of healthcare science and practice will convey the basic principles of market-oriented management of hospitals and clinics in presentations, discussions and a fireside chat. Our speakers include Professor Dr Reinecke, Head of the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight at the University of St. Gallen, Stephan Rotthaus, international expert in hospital marketing, Dr Quirin Schlott, Director of Fachklinik Wangen, Dr Daniel Liedtke, CEO of Hirslanden AG, and Adrian Schmitter, CEO of Kantonsspital Baden AG.

You will benefit from the latest insights and developments in hospital marketing and receive a certificate from the University of St.Gallen as confirmation of your successful participation.


The intensive seminar “Strategic Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics” will enable you to successfully position your clinic or hospital in the competitive environment and achieve sustainable competitive advantages. You will be able to identify relevant needs of your target groups and develop customized service systems. Through unique differentiation from the competition and effective communication strategies, you will strengthen the trust of your patients and build long-term bonds. In addition, you will be able to sustainably ensure the satisfaction of your stakeholders and thus increase the success of your healthcare organization.

The joint seminar of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) and provides you with the necessary theoretical and practical tools for this with top speakers.

This intensive seminar is aimed at members of the management of hospitals and clinics, chief physicians, clinic managers and marketing managers. We invite you to participate in this seminar if you want to create added value for customers and your organizations. Because a credible and sustainable market orientation can only be achieved with a qualified management team.

Admission is at the discretion of the head of studies. We will pay attention to your professional and educational background. An academic university or technical college degree is not required.

Since our intensive courses are often booked up early, we recommend that you contact the seminar management as soon as possible. A reservation is an ideal way to secure a place without obligation and make organizational arrangements in the meantime.

The total participation fee amounts to CHF 2750 (if you register until 31 March 2024 only 2450 CHF) for 2 study days. All learning materials, books, lunch and refreshments during breaks are covered. Not included are the costs for arrival and departure, accommodation, dinner and joint evening events.

Next Steps

Porträt Katja Söllner

Personal consultation

Katja Söllner

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