Key Account Management at MSD Animal Health

MSD Animal Health is one of the world’s largest research-based providers of healthcare solutions for companion animals and livestock. The company combines innovative medicines with digital solutions to create smart healthcare concepts. For more than 130 years, MSD has been researching and developing medicines, vaccines, biologics and digital solutions for people, animals and the environment. As a research-based pharmaceutical company, MSD drives medical progress. In the U.S. and Canada, MSD is known as Merck & Co, Inc. and is headquartered in Rahway, New Jersey (USA). MSD Germany is headquartered in Munich, Germany.

For MSD Animal Health, the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight implemented a multi-stage, company-specific key account management training program. The program included training modules for the key account management team and the managers of these teams. The central KAM topics and methods from the St.Galler Key Account Management Concept were taught in face-to-face workshops and applied to MSD’s customers. The St.Galler KAM concept is based on the Institute’s many years of experience in research, consulting and training in key account management. Digital follow-ups were used to reflect on the experience of applying what was learned in practice.

In the “Competence Training in Key Account Management”, MSD’s key account managers built up extensive knowledge in key account management. They developed a common approach and applied the methods learned directly to their customers. Participants were empowered to use KAM plans to develop a strategic approach to customer engagement. In addition, MSD managers benefited from the “Professional Leadership in Key Account Management” training, which focuses on leading key account teams in their strategic work. It enabled MSD managers in professional leadership of the key account managers, in particular in the areas of full-range sales leadership, leading with goals and target images in KAM, leading with a strong “why” in KAM, development of the KAM employees, trust in the manager and as a basis for good sales work in the team, the manager as a coach, as well as empowerment and responsibility as a KAM manager.


  • Alignment of employees and managers through uniform mindsets and skillsets in Key Account Management (KAM).
  • Development of a uniform methodology and market- and customer-oriented KAM culture
  • Develop individual strategies for key accounts
  • Use KAM plans as a central working tool
  • Expanding partnerships and building new key accounts
  • Joint planning and exchange among key account managers, consultants and the account-based marketing team.


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“The ‘Competence Training in Key Account Management’ and the advanced training ‘Professional Leadership in Key Account Management’ from MSD Animal Health have not only strengthened the individual potential of our employees, but also put the focus on working together as a team. Through joint planning and exchange among the Key Account Managers, Specialist Consultants and the Account Based Marketing team, we were able to refine our strategies on our key accounts and expand partnerships. A great way to develop a consistent methodology and KAM culture within the team. Clear recommendation from us!”

Dr. Stefan von Rüden
Executive Director Business Unit Corporate Accounts (D/A/CH)