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Master in Marketing Management (MiMM)

By choosing MiMM, you are choosing excellent academic training, the opportunity to work with exciting marketing professionals, and to learn to make an essential contribution to both the economy and society.



Graduation: Degree: Master of Arts HSG (M.A. HSG)
Start date: Program start: Autumn Semester (calender week 38)
Duration: Duration: 3 semesters, full-time
Location: Credits: 90 ECTS
Investment: CHF 1429 per semester (Swiss), CHF 3.329 per semester (Non-Swiss)
Porträt Florian Gasser


Florian Gasser
Assistant to the Executive Director MiMM | Deputy of the MiMM Administration

MiMM graduates:

  • identify challenges and the need for action from the viewpoint of customers and the market and adopt other entrepreneurial perspectives.
  • are familiar with all current market research methods and can apply them in a market setting.
  • conduct well-founded assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of strategies and campaigns in the context of market-oriented corporate management (marketing management).
  • have honed their lateral thinking skills and can conceptualize innovative solutions applicable in dynamic market environments.
  • are well versed in the responsible usage of digital media.
  • combine qualitative and quantitative analytical and conceptual methods to solve present and future problems.
  • gauge the impact of entrepreneurial strategies on the market, society, and the environment in a realistic manner.
  • have learned to overcome even unexpected challenges in a spirit of personal responsibility.
  • act entrepreneurially at the individual, project-related and organizational level and formulate clear strategic recommendations.


Our MiMM curriculum is an innovative combination of theory and practice. We offer you a lot of freedom in choosing courses.

The MiMM programme is based on a three-track concept (customer / corporate management / function). The three compulsory courses in the fields of customers (Consumer Behaviour & Methods), corporate management (Marketing Management) and function (Marketing Functions) are preceded by a course of fundamentals (Introduction to Marketing Management) with an integrative study trip. Within the scope of the Applied Research Projects 1 – 3 (compulsory courses), you carry out a three-semester long practice project in close cooperation with businesses and supervised by a teaching staff member. Additionally, several core electives offer a selection of continuously renewed courses that supplement the three tracks and are dedicated to responsible and sustainable behavior in research and practice. These various commitments led to the MiMM being listed as one of the HSG’s sustainability programs.

Bootcamp (3 days)

  • Welcome and introduction: Faculty, Marketing Club, MiMM-Community
  • Content: Marketing & Leadership with guest speakers, case studies and best practices
  • Group work: getting to know other students, application of theory

Study trip (2 days)

  • Visit of innovative companies: How are the theories discussed in the boot camp applied in practice?
  • Q&A: Question and answer sessions with senior management from the field of marketing
  • Reflection & teambuilding: Discussion of what has been learned with the team members (Kick-Off Applied Research Projects)

Cutting-edge methods as well as an extensive theoretical education

  • Content: Modern marketing analytics and basic consumer research methods
  • Didactic: Project work and journal club
  • Credo: Getting fit for the “new” marketing jobs & preparation for “deep dives” into the elective courses

Highlight the idea of “customer-centricity” in different contexts and derive practical implications.

  • Content: Market-oriented management (analysis, controlling, strategy, leadership & organization)
  • Didactic: Case teaching & business simulation
  • Credo: State of the art first-hand knowledge on customer centricity

The latest knowledge of marketing’s core subjects

  • Content: Product innovation, capturing value, retail & sales, communication trends
  • Didactic: Lecture series
  • Credo: Applying and reflecting on current functions to be ahead of time
  • Learn and work with managers and companies, researchers and institutes, on significant practical problems and challenges.
  • Project learning over three semesters in the same group, with the same client and lecturer creates a high benefit for students and companies.
  • Relationships, in-depth learning, responsibility and commitment are encouraged.
  • Assume long-term responsibility. Develop the necessary social competencies to work in
  • a team and with business partners.
  • Engagement and the will to perform are essential prerequisites for optimal learning outcomes.

Independent electives (12 ECTS) include cross-program courses. You can either attend additional core electives of our MiMM Master or select courses from other Master’s programs. You are also able to choose from among lectures that are specially offered as independent electives.

Our core studies are complemented by contextual studies (18 ECTS), which provide you with an opportunity to enlarge upon and apply interdisciplinary knowledge, particularly in the field of sociology, psychology, communication and languages. You can also earn a maximum of 6 practice credits through practical work that is closely related to the subject matter of your degree course.


In recent years, our students have been able to work with the following partner companies, among others:

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Accreditations: EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA
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Admissions 2019/20
International Students
  • With important topics such as Customer Centricity and Customer Value, the MiMM is always part of my entrepreneurial professional life. The practice-oriented master's program combines modern and highly practical management models with strategic practical projects from the business world. It is precisely these experiences and tools that are critical for success in everyday work.
    Alex Blattmann
    CEO MaxBrain
  • MiMM allows students to work on a variety of projects, providing a smooth transition between academics and the industry. Thanks to the diversity of fellow students, professors, the network and courses, this master is a platform for experimentation and growth, learning the importance of team collaboration and stakeholder management. Together with institute clients, students are shaping tomorrow’s strategies for driving entrepreneurial and sustainable action.
    Shyrleen Mueller
    Fan Zones Projectmanagement UEFA
  • The Master's program in Marketing Management at the University of St. Gallen was a unique experience for me, which I can recommend to anyone who wants to design their curriculum with very exciting, instructive and practice-oriented courses. Not only the professors, who teach the subject matter in an extremely targeted and efficient manner but also the likable fellow students make the program special.
    Lara Kellenberger
    Business Manager Bentley
  • The Master in Marketing Management not only enabled me to gain a profound understanding of marketing principles but also encouraged my interdisciplinary thinking. The practice-oriented application projects in particular made it possible to directly apply what was learned and to deepen customer understanding in the real world.
    Sarah Bigler
    Product Marketing Manager Google
  • One thing that I liked most about the Master's program in Marketing was the relatively small course groups that made it easy to form valuable relationships with both fellow students and professors from day one. In addition to that, the high engagement of the professors ensured that lectures resulted in discourses rather than frontal teaching, which not only helped in communicating the content better but also made lectures more fun to attend.
    Marlies Edlinger
    Account Executive SAP
  • The combination of hard and cognitive skills gained from the MiMM, equipped me purposefully for an international career journey in tech. Why? The keyword is Flexibility! I was able to tailor my curriculum to focus on subjects that I am particularly passionate about and apply what I have learned during practical research projects. As a result, I attained valuable insights into a variety of fields, which is pivotal in an agile and digital business world.
    Michael Sinniger
    Head of Digital Buildings SIEMENS
  • Finding creative, entrepreneurial solutions to complex challenges while always keeping the target group, under consideration of continuously changing market dynamics, in focus doesn't sound easy. That's probably because it isn't. However, thanks to in-depth insights into various marketing disciplines as well as numerous practical projects, the MiMM allowed me to develop the competencies that today enable me not only to reproduce my first sentence but also to put it into practice.
    Fehim Sefic
    Consumer Collecting Manager Red Bull
  • The customer at the center - this is key to all content of the Master in Marketing Management. Right from the start, the Master's program is structured with a strong reference to practice. Projects with companies, company visits and guest lectures helped me to gain an integrated and, above all, in-depth understanding of different market dynamics and business models. This holistic and interdisciplinary content helps me now every day in my challenges in Integrated Business Development (IBP).
    Tamara Schillings
    International Project Manager Emmi Group
  • One major asset of the Master in Marketing Management is its strong practical focus. Whereas the classes promoted an in-depth understanding of customer-oriented management, the applied research projects offered opportunities to use this understanding for solving real business problems. In combination with the conveyed analytic and communication skills, the MiMM equipped me with a comprehensive toolkit that is perfectly applicable to my daily work in strategy consulting.
    Philipp Steiner
    Consultant Boston Consulting Group
  • The MiMM is convincing due to its high level of practical relevance and interesting theoretical structure, which elaborates the various facets of marketing in a clear and understandable way. With the help of the AWP projects, the theoretical content can be applied and one learns to work accurately and methodically in the development of concepts/solutions, which provides an optimal basis for starting a professional career.
    Sven Schädeli
    Brand Manager Feldschlösschen


Dr. Johannes Bauer
Institute of Retail Management (IRM-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Pietro Beritelli
Institut für Systemisches Management und Public Governance (IMP-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Thomas BiegerInstitut für Systemisches Management und Public Governance (IMP-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Emanuel de Bellis
Institute of Behavioral Science and Technology (IBT-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Peter Mathias Fischer
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Dr. Josef Frischeisen
Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Dennis Herhausen
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann
Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Christian Hildebrand
Institute of Behavioral Science and Technology (IBT-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jenewein
Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Christian Laesser
Institut für Systemisches Management und Public Governance (IMP-HSG)
Dr. Marc Linzmajer
Institute of Retail Management (IRM-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudolph
Institute of Retail Management (IRM-HSG)
Dr. Philipp Scharfenberger
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Christian SchmitzRuhr-Universität Bochum Sales Management Department (SMD)
Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Katarina Stanoevska
Institute for Media and Communications Management (MCM-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Torsten Tomczak
Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Dr. Dennis Vogt
Institute for Mobility (IMO-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Dominique von MattInstitute for Marketing and Customer Insight (IMC-HSG)
Prof. Dr. Rolf Wüstenhagen
Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG)

Admission criteria

  • A university degree that is recognized as equivalent, in the same or a similar major than business administration, with at least 180 credits.
  • International students are admitted on the strength of the documents they submit.
  • Supplementary work (Integration Week or Master’s preparatory courses) is compulsory.

The admission criteria may be subject to change. Please consult our website for the latest detailed admission criteria:


Program language

The MiMM Master has a German and an English track. The two programmes have the same structure. The compulsory courses are offered twice, in German and in English. In the compulsory elective track, some courses are offered in German, others in English.

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