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Bachelor & Master Theses

We offer a range of exciting marketing topics for bachelor's and master's theses and provide complete supervision, from the choosing of a subject through to submission.


Students can find the topics in the list below. If we do not have a suitable topic advertised, a proactive application is possible. Please familiarize yourself with the research areas of our professors and PhD students and address your proposal (see questions below) to the person who best fits your research project. Supervision of topics from outside this list is possible only to a limited extent.

Before you begin, please make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:

  • Make sure you know and comply with the rules and regulations of the Dean’s Advisory Office concerning your specific program.
  • Be ready to start working on your thesis (more than 50% share of work time per week) within the next three months.
  • Be willing and actively plan to complete your thesis within nine months after you’ve started your work.

If you fulfill the above requirements, we invite you to continue with the application process.

Sign-up process:

  1. Fill out the form below: This form requires you to write a first draft of your outline. To ensure a successful outcome, we ask you to take enough time to do this and follow our guidelines.
  2. Confirmation e-mail: As soon as you submit your details you will receive a confirmation email.
  3. Feedback on the Evaluation: You will receive feedback on your outline, including the decision on whether or not we will supervise your thesis. Please bear in mind that we cannot accept all applications since we have limited capacity.
  4. Appointment: hould you receive positive feedback: meeting & completion of your outline. As a general rule, “feedback” takes the form of an invitation to a personal appointment with your future supervisor. After this meeting, you will revise and resubmit your outline draft along with your filled-out and signed sign-up sheet (see Dean’s Advisory Office web pages) via email to your supervisor. We will print out your registration form, physically sign it and return it to you so that you can submit it to the Dean’s Advisory Office. On request, this can also be done by email.


The Competence Center for Art+ offers a new master thesis topic at the interface between art and technology: For some time now, there has been talk of NFT’s everywhere – also in the art market. But what role do NFT’s really play in the art market? How did the technology come about? How did it become part of the art market? Under what circumstances are NFT’s art at all? (How) do they change the (traditional) art market (supply, players, structures, etc.)? What (new) parallel markets are emerging? This master thesis investigates the relevance of NFT’s for the traditional art market and explores future scenarios. On the one hand, it includes a market analysis about the technology’s entry into the art world and its current role in the (traditional) art market. On the other hand, it requires an exploration of future scenarios for NFT’s in the art world. The Competence Center for Art+ welcomes applications from students with a great enthusiasm for art and technology, a structured and independent review of market developments, and a passion for exploring the future of NFT’s in the art market.

Target group: preference given to master students

Language: English or German

The Competence Center for Art+ offers a new master thesis topic at the interface between art, market research and marketing: Social and technological change pose new challenges to art museums. The needs of younger generations, new technologies, etc. influence the expectations of art lovers and museum audiences. How will art museums of the future have to position themselves in order to be socially relevant and successful? Which (new) target groups can be identified? Which (new) needs can be satisfied? What kind of products and services can be offered? How can marketing and customer experience be optimized? Will entirely new “business models” emerge? The Competence Center for Art+ welcomes applications from students with a great enthusiasm for art, a structured and independent way of working, and a passion for explorative analysis and market research.

Target group: preference given to master students

Language: English or German

Customer Success Management zielt darauf ab, dass der Kunde mit dem Produkt bzw. der Dienstleistung nicht nur zufrieden, sondern vor allem damit erfolgreich ist. Das Berufsbild des Customer Success Managers (CSM) gilt dabei als relativ neu.

Mögliche Themen in dem Gebiet wären:

  • CSM als Berufskategorie – Vergleich unterschiedlicher Branchen
  • Strategien im Customer Success Management
  • Rolle bzw. Profil eines Customer Success Managers
  • Aufstellen von Customer Success Teams
  • Schnittstellen des Customer Success Managements
  • Customer Success Management & Kundenloyalität
  • Etc.

Target group: Bachelor or Master Students

Language: English or German

Intensive Zusammenarbeit mit dem Institut für Marketing & Customer Insight (Führungskräfteweiterbildung) sowie mit der Agentur Dr. Marc Rutschmann AG; qualitative Befragung von (Nicht-)Seminarteilnehmenden; Erstellen einer Kundenprozessanalyse; Herauskristallisieren von Magic Moments; kritische Evaluation

Target group: MiMM and SIM Students

Language: English or German


Porträt Katja Söllner


Katja Söllner
Seminar- & Event Organization / Assistant to Prof. Dr. Sven Reinecke