Porträt Prof. Dr. Peter Mathias Fischer

Peter Mathias Fischer

Member of the Management Board


Peter M. Fischer is member of the management board and scientific project manager at the Institute for Marketing and Customer Insight at the University of St.Gallen and serves as a guest professor at HEC Paris. In addition, he was a guest professor in the MBA program at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School.

Peter Fischer studied business at the University of Mannheim (Germany) and the University of Florida (USA). He received his doctorate degree (with the highest distinction) from the University of St.Gallen, having spent research visits at the University of Michigan (USA) and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (China). From January to July 2020, he was visiting professor at HEC Paris (France).

In his research he is broadly interested in the identification of humans’ reactions to technology, AI, and data (Psychology of Technology) to design technology, innovations, and human-machine interactions to the benefit of managers, consumers, and the society at large. In another research stream combining strategic management with international business/marketing, he further investigates why consumers are biased toward domestic products and reject foreign products despite better quality—a topic that has gained in relevance due to increasing protectionism.

Peter Fischer has a particularly strong interest in bridging the gap between academia and practice. For instance, he co-directs Best Practice in Marketing, a cross-industry bench-learning executive program with leading companies aimed at translating the latest research insights into practice as well as jointly generating relevant ideas. For >10 years, Peter Fischer has been training top managers on various topics such as international business, consumer behavior, content marketing and storytelling, data analytics, digital marketing, managerial decision-making, or psychology of technology etc. in multiple countries including Columbia, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, or the US. Peter Fischer is not only active in executive education, but also consults companies and regularly acts as a keynote speaker.

For his work, Peter Fischer, among others, was nominated for the Crédit Suisse Best Teaching Award at the University of St.Gallen and received the Communication Impact Award. He is Vice President of the research institute of the “Association of German Business Academics and Economists” (BDVB), the largest network of business academics and economists in Germany. Between 2015 and 2021, he served as a member of the executive committee of the European Marketing Academy, the leading European organization for marketing academics.


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Peter Mathias Fischer & Katharina Peter Zeugner-Roth