Study: Cashierless Stores

An overview of the current concepts worldwide

Cashless stores are being created all over the world. The spectrum ranges from mature concepts that are well established on the market such as Amazon Go to pilot projects such as Saturn Express or the Avec Box. In this study, the different concepts were examined in four phases:

  1. What does the customer have to do before shopping?
  2. How does the customer get access to the store?
  3. How does product recognition and identification take place?
  4. How does the check-out work?

The results show that different ways can lead to the goal. Different technologies are applied by the companies, at the same time the customer is involved in different phases of the purchasing process. It shows that the concepts that best meet the customer’s needs will prevail.

The entire study by Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel and his team in collaboration with Accarda AG can be read here.

Porträt Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
Associate Professor