The Customer Experience Navigator

A guidebook to valuable interactions by collecting, connecting, and correcting the dots.

The Customer Experience Navigator takes you where the magic happens! This may be far outside of your (corporate or individual) comfort zone. Yet, we will help you digest the key steps for becoming customer-centric in a doable manner. Our approach will assist you in tackling the challenges step by step. While we will give you templates, set cards, Excel spreadsheets, and online resources, this will not be a cookbook. Through our approach, we seek to nudge you in the right direction. We want to help you to ask the right questions. And be aware: the answers need to be more specific than you think!

We wish you a pleasant and insightful read!
Marcus Schögel & Dennis Herhausen


The Educator Slides are here in the protected area available.

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Prof. Dr. Marcus Schögel
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