Study Trip: Marketing and Sales in Asia

The week before last, students from the “Marketing & Sales in Asia” course spent exciting days in Singapore and gained insights into various multinational companies. Together we got to the bottom of current marketing trends and local challenges in the Asian region. This year’s stations were Luxasia, C. Melchers, P&G, Bayer CropScience and Singapore Airlines.

The focus was on exploring Singapore as a business location with increasing relevance.

  • How is the “pop-up store” trend being implemented in Singapore and what success factors can be identified?
  • How is digital marketing used at the physical point of sale and what are the local challenges?
  • What are the potentials of Singapore as a business hub?
  • What special features and challenges can be identified in the real estate market?

This is only a selection of the questions we have discussed during company visits, lectures and selected case studies. The new knowledge should be put into practice directly on site.

As part of the examination, the students have made videos that give answers to the questions using real examples. Have a look at the results yourself. We are already looking forward to the next study trip in spring 2018!