Marketing Review St.Gallen 1 | 2021 "Employee Inspiration and Empowerment"

The Corona crisis has unsettled employees. Many are working under difficult conditions at home and some are afraid of unemployment. At the same time, their motivation and commitment should help them to drive forward the urgently needed transformation process into an increasingly digital corporate world. This contradictory situation challenges companies and employees alike.

Is it enough for companies to measure employee satisfaction, pay the Christmas bonus and express their confidence in the annual meeting? These measures are probably not enough to motivate the workforce to achieve new levels of excellence. The sources of trust, confidence and motivation in the workplace are many and varied and are also important in economically stable times. In times of crisis, this requires particularly great and often complementary efforts. It is precisely then that employees look for inspiration in order to put their heart and soul into the company and the upcoming change process. They then feel strengthened or “empowered” so that they can go about their work with energy in stormy times.

But how can this succeed? What do managers need to pay attention to so that employees feel inspired and courageously tackle new challenges? How can a company measure the level of employee inspiration and what opportunities does “gamification” offer in this context? In this issue, we answer the first questions on this young field of research and management. Immerse yourself in this central management challenge, especially in Corona times, and expand your understanding of management.

This text was released in German as the editorial of the current issue of Marketing Review St. Gallen with the topic “Employee Inspiration and Empowerment”. You can find the issue now in our shop.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Rudolph
Professor für Marketing und Internationales Handelsmanagement